5.8G 40CH Raceband Anti-Interference AV Three-Channel FPV Receiver with Memory Storage Function - 49.99 €

5.8G 40CH Raceband Anti-Interference AV Three-Channel FPV Receiver with Memory Storage Function
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Three-Channel Receiver is a video receiver designed specially for anti-interference. It integrates three video receiving modules and allow real-time detection of the three channels’signal strength,and then immediately switches to the strongest signal.Digital tube displays the real-time central frequency of the current communication channel. The receiver also has a memory stroage function,by which it can save no more than three channels.Users can quickly switch to the saved channels bu pressing the related button.It's sensitivity is -95dbi.

Three-channel receiver has the following functions:
1. Operation indicator: Three-channel receiver comes with LED indicator lights, the indicator lights is on after plugging into power source.The light flashes during the channel searching.(continuously flashing during automatic search, signle flash when manually search).
2. Central frequency display: the digital tube shows the real-time frequency of the working channel.
3. Memory stroage function: user can save the channels to the saved channel buttons when running the receiver. Next time,the user can directly switch to the channel without re-searching. The receiver can save no more than three channels.
4. Automatically switch to strongest signal:in the actual operation,due to the angle of antenna,distance of signal source,singal diffraction,multipath effect,electromagnetic interference and other causes,the signal-to-noise ratio decreases.The receiver can detect the real-time signal strength and switch to the strongest signal.

The interface instructions and instructions:
Standard input power voltage: 12V DC
Input power voltage range: 9v-20v DC

1. Automatically searching channels:
Long press the searching button (face the receiver,the above is the digital tube, in the below is buttons, the searching button is the first one form left to right) for at least 3 seconds,the LED light continuously flashes, the digital tube is searchingchannels and it shows the channel frequency.
2. Manually searching channels:
Short press searching button (the first button from left to right)
One press,the Led light flashes once,and the digital tube switches channel once. More press,more switch(40 channels in total)
3. Saved channels:
>The first saved channel button(the second button from left to right)
>The second saved channel button(the third button from left to right)
>The third saved channel button(the fourth button from left to right)
>Long press the first saved channel button to save the current channel to this button. Next time you can switch to this channel by short pressing this button.For example, the digital tube shows that the current channel is 5.645G, long press the first saved channel button (more than 2s) to save this channel to this button(LED flashes once).Later the receiver is switched to other channel,such as 5.860G.To switch back to 5.645G,just need to short press the first saved channnel button.
>The other two buttons work the same way.
4. Switch channnel switching
The uese can short press(less than 0.5s)the saved channel buttons(the first,the second,the third)to switch to the saves channels.(Please refer to the Article 3 for how to save channels)

The frequency table:

FR CH CH1 CH2 CH3 CH4 CH5 CH6 CH7 CH8 A 5760MHz 5780MHz 5800MHz 5820MHz 5840MHz 5860MHz 5880MHz 5658MHz B 5695MHz 5732MHz 5769MHz 5785MHz 5843MHz 5880MHz 5917MHz 5865MHz C 5845MHz 5825MHz 5805MHz 5785MHz 5765MHz 5745MHz 5725MHz 5733MHz D 5752MHz 5771MHz 5790MHz 5809MHz 5828MHz 5847MHz 5866MHz 5705MHz E 5685MHz 5665MHz 5645MHz 5885MHz 5905MHz 5925MHz 5945MHz 5740MHz

Package included:
1 x Three-Channel Receiver
3 x Straight-line antenna
1 x A/V transmitting connector
1 x A/V cable
1 x DIY Power-out cable
1 x Power-in cable

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